Palatino Vini pugliesi per passione


The territory

The Territory and its history

Our vineyards are located in Orta Nova in the heart of the Tavoliere delle Puglie, south of the city of Foggia corresponding to the area occupied by the ancient Dauni, in the northern area of Puglia.

Nero di Troia is cultivated on calcareous and gravelly soils that allow our grapes to be rich in polyphenols, giving Nero di Troia a typical coloring and olfactory intensity and a right alcohol content.

The grapes of Bombino Bianco are instead cultivated on clay soils that allow to maintain the right temperature and retain the correct humidity in the vineyards while preserving, in hot summers, the aromas and freshness of our white wines.

The climate of this area is influenced by the hilly presence of the sub-Appenino dauno and the mountains of Vulture surrounding the production area and by the climatic influence of the promontory of the Gargano and its coastal area, ideal conditions for a healthy, authentic and quality viticulture.

It is a region with a distinctly Mediterranean climate with mild winters, short and windy springs, warm and long summers, mild and rainy autumns.

The history of the territory is inextricably linked to the Nero di Troia and with the evolution of the Dauni, the first stable inhabitants of this territory bordered on the south by the Ofanto river. The millenary wine history of this territory, from Magna Grecia, to the Middle Ages, up to the present day, attested by numerous documents, is the fundamental proof of the close connection and interaction between human factors, and the quality and characteristics of our wines .