Palatino Vini pugliesi per passione


The vineyards

A boundless experience

The beauty attracts,
the tast selects,
Puglia make us fall in love

The essence of puglia
The Bombino Bianco

It is our native white grape variety by definition. It has distant origins and has consolidated over the centuries. It has always given us high quality white wines, so much so that his name comes from “buonvino” i.e. good wine. Very appreciated for its aromatic not intrusive but sweet, it is one of the best wines to accompany your meals transversely.

The Pearl of Puglia
The Nero di Troia

The main vine of our winery is Nero di Troia that characterizes our red in purity and our rosé. It is a grape that some say is linked to the city of Troy, others to Diomedes, friend of Ulysses, who came back and victorious from the Trojan War sailed along the Adriatic Sea landing on the banks of the Ofanto river and bringing with him vine shoots that originated the Nero di Troia. With its vinification are obtained elegant wines, with the right alcohol and structure, which can be destined for a long aging.

Between history and legend

The story tells that Nero di Troia is a grape native to Asia Minor, Troia, and imported to Puglia by the Ancient Greeks. Much appreciated for its aromatic qualities and intensity by Emperor Frederick II of Svevia who gave a strong impulse to its cultivation in Puglia, the first description of Nero di Troia dates back to 1877, known, in Bari, as Uva di Troja or Canosa. It is the third black grape variety cultivated in Puglia.

The origin of “good wine”

Our whites are characterized by another vine strongly linked to our land: the Bombino Bianco. It is a grape, which owes its name from the Spanish translation of “Buonvino”. It is a wine known and produced for several centuries in our territories and which, when vinified as single variety, offers straw-yellow wines with greenish reflections, neutral in aromas and fresh, balanced taste, easy and pleasing to drink.