Palatino Vini pugliesi per passione


Soul&Musica: clinking glasses, excellent food and persuasive music in the heart of Rome


The music that made Puglia vibrate in Purity

On July 14th it took place at the Bradamante Bistrot the presentation of our label in Rome Anima Bianca during which the participants were able to hear directly from its producer and oenologist, Vito Palatino, the history, cultivation and winemaking techniques and the aromatic and sensorial profile of this PGI Puglia Bombino Bianco wine. All enlivened with excellent live music.

During the evening Anima Bianca was tasted alongside 4 delicious finger food dishes and live music which enhanced the aromas of honey, sage and broom and the flavor with the right acid balance of Anima Bianca.

The evening began at 7pm with the presentation of ANIMA BIANCA, a pure Bombino Bianco, the jewel in the crown of the PALATINO winery, which was told directly by the person who gave life to this wonderful reality, Vito Palatino.

To accompany the tasting there were wonderful Finger Foods:

– C.B.T. tuna Cacciatore style, burrata d'Andria, tomato confit on an avocado base;

– Octopus c.b.t. with broccoli cream and Alberobello taralli powder and confit tomato

– Eggplant and scamorza meatballs on Tex Mex sauce;

– Pulled pork with chive and basil mayo, sweet and sour onion.

The owner of the Palatino winery explained how his daughter Bianca inspired him in choosing the name and how lightness and sweetness are the traits in common between her and the Anima Bianca label.

He also illustrated the pillars that characterize and on which the Palatino winery is based:

  • The exclusive use of proprietary and uniquely native grapes such as Bombino Bianco and Nero di Troia
  • The use of agronomic and oenological techniques that allow the lowest possible manipulation of the wines and which therefore allow the oenologist to use additives and preservatives to a minimum to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the vines and the wine
  • Produce small quantities so that quality and safety control and guarantee are ensured

Indeed Anima Bianca it was produced in only 1500 units and bottled by numbering the bottles to allow the producer to guarantee the final consumer that the quality and characteristics of the wine are protected from the vineyard to the bottle; it's a bit as if each bottle had its own identity card that allows the winemaker to know the history of each bottle that will be served in the glasses of our end customers.

The evening was enlivened by a soundtrack characterized by music based on Bossa Nova and Brazilian sounding excellently interpreted by the April Night Duo which enhanced the food and wine delicacies served during the evening.

It was an evening spent among culinary delights, clinking glasses and exciting music which allowed the participants to enter the world of Apulian wines for a few hours and to imagine, as in a virtual journey, Puglia in its purity expressed in a glass.

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